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Don't Use Whole Capital For Trading

Price volatility in the commodity market often brings considerable profit potential. However, this volatility also has comparable potential risks. For this reason, for those of you who are just learning to trade online, or have low to moderate risk potential, avoid using all the capital you have for trading.

Many professional traders recommend placing only about 2% of your total capital in each trading session. Thus, you have a substantial margin or remaining funds if at any time a risk occurs.

Trading Following Short Term Trade Has Large Profit Potential

Among professional traders, there is a saying "trend is your friend" which means trends are the best friends for traders. One of the easiest trends to follow is of course the short to medium term trend, because its movements are easier to monitor and predict.

That way, for those of you who want to implement this strategy, trading following short-term trends you can do by utilizing technical analysis on price movements that take place. For those of you who want to learn how to trade using technical analysis, you can download the ebook 'TRADING SUCCESS FOR BEGINNERS' here.

Do not open a new position while in a loss position

In forex trading or other financial instruments, averaging down on a losing position may increase your chances of making a profit when price movements rebound or reverse.

However, this should be avoided in the commodity market. Therefore, commodity market price movements are often very volatile so it is difficult to predict. This is due to the fact that commodity prices are not only influenced by the magnitude of transactions that take place, but also the demand and supply conditions that occur in the industrial sector. So, when the price moves against your estimate, the best way is to immediately place a stop loss in the position that best suits your target.

Pay Attention to Commodity Status and Things That Affect It

An important but often forgotten thing is the intrinsic status and value of a commodity can affect its price fluctuations. For example, although both are high-value metals, Gold has a higher status than silver. Because, gold is known to have a status as a safe haven asset, or assets that tend to be used to secure wealth. So that the movement will also differ depending on the situation and economic conditions that are happening in the country of each trader.

Another example, the price of oil in the commodity market is often not only influenced by the number of transaction requests that arise, but also the needs of industries that depend on crude oil supply. So, to be able to carry out an accurate analysis, a trader needs not only to pay attention to the buying and selling process that occurs in the commodity market, but also the industry's need for the type of oil being traded.